Lake Arin in the Grip of Drought

Lake Arin, known as "bird paradise" in Adilcevaz district of Bitlis, is shrinking day by day due to extreme drought. Activists in the region describe the situation as "deplorable". Arin Lake, where dozens of bird species such as dusky tail, longstart, redstart, Van Lake gull, black-headed gull, pike, swordbill, spoonbill and small grebe live and breed, has been facing the danger of completely drying up in recent years. In addition to the climate crisis and drought, agricultural irrigation brings the shrinkage to more dangerous dimensions. Lake Van activists who wanted to draw attention to the lake, which is losing area day by day, marched for Lake Arin, which is about to dry up. 26 activists started from Arin Village in Adilcevaz district and walked 15 kilometres to Aydınlar Village. Members of the association opened banners here and stated that urgent measures should be taken. Speaking to İklim Haber about the event, Cemal Yıldırım stated that the drying in the lake has increased in recent years and the shrinkage has exceeded 200 metres. Yıldırım said, "We have been trying to draw attention to this lake for the last few years.


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