Greece: Forest Fires Continue

The fire that broke out in the Rhodope region of Greece on 19 August has still not been brought under control due to high winds. At least two Greek citizens lost their lives in the fire and 75 thousand acres of forest area was burnt down. In addition, the lifeless bodies of 18 people were found in an area affected by the fire in the Evros region of the country. Since there were no reports of any missing persons and the area is on the migration route of asylum seekers entering Greece illegally from Turkey, the possibility that the lifeless bodies belong to refugees is emphasised. According to the news of public television ERT, ashes rained down on Alexandroupoli, the flames gradually approached the city centre. People living in the areas where the fire reached were evacuated for security reasons. After the flames spread to the garden of Alexandroupoli University Hospital, 175 patients, including children, were transferred to other hospitals by ambulances and ferries.


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