Ecosystems as Infrastructure

When we think of landscape architecture, small-scale recreation areas such as urban parks, gardens and golf courses may come to mind. MacArthur "Genius Award" winner Kate Orff, however, has a larger and more ecologically ambitious vision. Director of Columbia University's Urban Design Programme, Orff believes architects should do more than just create beautiful spaces: "They need to work with nature to create resilient living environments that both help bring human communities together and protect them from the ravages of climate change." SCAPE, the New York-based design firm Orff founded in 2007, is currently working on a project to counter sea level rise and land loss in the Mississippi River Delta in Louisiana. SCAPE has also partnered with the Atlanta Regional Commission to create a 200 km trail and greenway along the Chattahoochee River, aiming to bring racially diverse riverside communities together based on their shared love of the river.


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