Characteristics of the Paulownia Tree

Paulownia is the fastest growing tree in the world. The very fast-growing Paulownia tree reaches the height of a 40-year-old oak tree in just 8 years. Paulownia trees grow up to 27 metres and live for about 100 years under good conditions. They have a trunk diameter of between 7 and 20 metres and can sprout at least 5 times from the same trunk. The paulownia tree helps to clean the polluted air of harmful gases and particles, especially in large industrial cities. Paulownia absorbs 10 times more carbon dioxide than any other tree species in the world and releases 4 times more oxygen through photosynthesis. A tree community of less than half a hectare can absorb tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide particles and gases from the air each year. Paulownia tree adapts to different soil types and different climates. Although it prefers light and deep soils, it grows in all types of soils. When it comes to climatic zones and temperatures, some Paulownia clones are resistant to temperatures up to +45 and -30 degrees centigrade. Because it adapts to extreme temperatures, they are considered a great help against the desertification of the planet. The Paulownia tree has excellent drought resistance.


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