Çanakkale: Four Villages Evacuated Due to Forest Fire

A fire broke out in a forested area in Damyeri locality of Çanakkale city centre in Türkiye and spread in a short time due to the wind. The fire, which threatens the villages of Kayadere and Kurşunlu, is being intervened by a large number of land vehicles, construction equipment, aircraft and helicopters. On 16 July, Kayadere, Damyeri, Ulupınar and Belen villages were evacuated and animals were removed from pastures due to the fire that broke out in the immediate vicinity of the burned area. Çanakkale-Çan highway was also closed to transportation. Çanakkale Municipality also announced on social media that the evacuation of animals in the fire zone has started. Due to the impact of climate change caused by human activities, especially the use of fossil fuels, high temperatures continue to be effective in the western and southern parts of Türkiye.


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