Rome Strategic Plan

In recent years, bird populations have been experiencing an unprecedented decline. Over-exploitation, including illegal killing, capture and trade, is one of the major drivers of bird extinctions globally. It is a particularly serious threat facing migratory birds. The illegal hunting, trapping and trade of birds threatens all birds, from songbirds to raptors. It is estimated that 25 million birds are illegally killed every year in Europe and the Mediterranean regions. State administrators, experts and non-governmental organisations came together in 2019 to prevent wildlife crimes on birds and other living creatures. In this context, a joint study was initiated to prevent the hunting, capture and trade of species and to eliminate wildlife crimes within 10 years. The Rome Strategic Plan prepared within the scope of the study covers many topics between 2020-2030, including improving understanding of the scope, extent and causes of wildlife crimes, and ensuring that wildlife crimes are effectively and adequately addressed in national laws.


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