Mass Fish Death in Irrigation Dam

A large number of dead fish were seen washed ashore at different points of the Gelingüllü Irrigation Dam in Esenli village in the center of Yozgat, Turkey. Upon the report of citizens who saw mass fish deaths, the Directorates of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and Provincial Directorates of Agriculture and Forestry started an investigation. According to Ömer Ertuğrul from AA; Halil Öztürk, one of the villagers, told reporters that he came to the shore of the dam when he heard about the fish deaths and said, "They are collecting these fish. It is not known whether they will be eaten or not." Suat İpek, one of the citizens who bought the dying fish, said that he collected 5-6 kilograms of fish. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Kılıç, Head of the Department of Public Health at Yozgat Bozok University Faculty of Medicine, stated that fish deaths may be caused by polluted water entering the dam due to seasonal drought.


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