Hunting licences issued for endangered birds

In Türkiye, the Central Hunting Commission's (MAK) list for the 2023-2024 hunting season, which entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette, banned hunting for 69 birds and six mammals, while 32 birds and four mammal species were allowed to hunt. Hunting ground maps for the "hunting season" were determined by provinces through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's AVBIS system. In the maps prepared for 81 provinces separately, protected areas with hunting bans and areas where hunting is permitted are included. There are also provinces with a complete hunting ban for many species among the wild animals that are allowed to be hunted. The species that are divided into four groups in MAK decisions and allowed to be hunted are quail, steppe, sand partridge, partridge, partridge, partridge, partridge, partridge, coot, mallard, grey duck, fiyu, mudpuppy, Hungarian duck, tufted patka, pintail, spoonbill, diamondback patka and pintail, snipe, rock dove, wood pigeon, wood pigeon, blackbird, blackbird, song thrush and sandpiper, jay, little crow, crop crow, carrion crow, cormorant, magpie, sparrow and red-backed spider birds.


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