Drought in Ethiopia: At Least 50 People and Thousands of Animals Died of Starvation

More than 50 people have reportedly died in Ethiopia's northern Tigray and Amhara regions due to drought and aid freezes. Thousands of livestock have also perished due to lack of adequate food. According to the United Nations (UN), the Horn of Africa has experienced only five rainy seasons since 2019. The US and UN had suspended aid earlier this year following allegations of corruption and theft that exacerbated the humanitarian crisis. As Tigray struggled to recover from two years of civil war that ended a year ago, a conflict had also erupted in Amhara. The exact number of people who lost their lives during the war in Tigray as humanitarian aid to the region was cut off is unknown. It is estimated that around 500,000 people may have died during the war due to starvation as well as lack of medical supplies.


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